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Types of Headaches Above Or Behind the Left Eye - naturalhealthpolice
Left Eye

Headache Above Left Eye & Headache Behind Left Eye : Causes and Treatments

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A Headache above left eye and headache behind left eye can have a enfeeble effect on your daily activities. A headache above left eye and temple can start off as a low pain and progressively becomes more intense and turn into sharp pain. Along with a different types of headaches, you may feel pressure i pain your head that can affect your daily routine and lower the concentration and make focusing difficult.

The types of headaches that affect the left side of your head  can also cause other different symptoms. For example, along with the sharp throbbing pain, you may experience nausea, flashing lights, sensitivity to light, or a stuffy nose in case of sinuses that leads to a one-sided headache.

In most of the cases, a headache above left eye that comes and goes can treat with simple home remedies, and in case of severe condition, there are some treatments also available. Some of the home remedies are: massaging your left temple and forehead, applying a cold pack, or getting more rest and eating healthy food can be enough to relieve the pain and reduce the pain above your left eye.

And as I said already, in some rare cases, if you have a constant headache that is not cured by natural treatment then you should see your doctor about it. But do not worry about the symptoms and when to see a doctor because in this article we will discuss the common causes and treatments of a Headache above left eye & headache behind left eye. Not only this but we will also explain home remedies, in which situation you should go to see a doctor etc. So friends keep reading this article.


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What Are Headaches Above Or Behind The Left Eye?

A word headache is used to describe any pain in your head. It may be caused due to different reasons and affect both side of your head or just one side of your head at the same time.

According to experts,

There are mainly three types of headaches that can affect a person:

Cranial neuralgia headaches:types of headaches

  • It frequently caused by inflamed or irritated nerves and can cause headaches on one side of your head along with facial pain.


Primary headaches:types of headaches

  • It involves cluster and migraines headaches that usually felt behind the left eye or right eye only.




Secondary headaches: types of headaches

  • It caused by an injury or infection like blocked sinus on the left side of your head will cause a headache above the left eye or below the left eye.

Symptoms Of A Headache Above Left Eye And Temple

One-sided headaches can cause symptoms apart from mild or throbbing pain, and they are as follows:

  • Squeezing
  • Incessant
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Serial stabbing pains on one part of the face or the whole head
  • Constant headaches ranging from mild pain to severe throbbing pain

Causes Of Different  types of Headaches Above Left Eye For Days

A headache is one of the most common diseases that human can feel and approx 90% of people experience a headache above left eye at some point in their lifetimes. Here are some of the possible causes of experience headaches above the left eye.

Tension headaches

  • Tension headaches are the most common that can affect one side of your head. The pain usually starts at the back of your head and spreads gradually to other areas of your head. Tension headaches usually end up with intense pressure and headache above left eye and temple, and it can hinder your daily routine. It believes that stress causes swelling and pain in the tissues that cover the pericranium. Emotional or physical stress causes convulsions in the muscles that lead to dull to severe pain.

A Migraine

  • Among all causes of a headache above the left eye, it is the most common type. It can sometimes affect your right eye, but most of the time it affects one side of your head. Migraines cause severe pain in your left or right eye and often preceded by seeing flashing lights or spots. Though the reason behind a migraine still not found. Some triggers that activate migraines include feeling stress, hungry, sick sleeping habits, red wine, or strong odors, fermented food, chocolates, etc. An ocular migraine is another type of a migraine that can also cause vision problems and cause temporary vision loss in your left eye or right eye along with severe throbbing pain.

Cluster headaches

  • Cluster headaches can cause pain in your left eye and remain for few weeks. It leads to constant sharp pains behind your left eye for 2 to 4 times a day for a few weeks or even months and then leaves for many months. As a result, it affects the facial muscles and patient may find pain around your left eye, your eyelid droops, eyes becomes red, and watery and runny nose on the left side nostril.

Exertion headaches

  • A headache above your left eye can cause due to physical activity like sessions of exhausting physical exercise. Some experts say that even something as straining with a bowel movement or coughing can be enough to produce an exertional headache. These type of headaches lead to be felt behind the eyes and at the back of the head and last for approx. 20 minutes.

 Sinus infection

  • Sinus is a situation in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed and cause the development of pressure in the area under your eye and face. Due to the pressure, it can cause a headache behind and above your left eye. From the symptoms like stuffy nose, sore throat and cough can differentiate it from other types of headaches. If you feel severe pain in the forehead and behind the eyes then it is due to clogged sinuses. Even with a tender touch, you can find an affected area. Bending or moving can cause pain worsen. Sinus headaches can also occur due to seasonal or any other type of allergies.

Eye Strain

  • Eye strain is another common reason for suffering from recurrent headaches behind the left eye. It can happen for some reason and commonly found in the workers who have to drive for long periods of time or concentrate on computer screens. Other reasons for eye strain are strong sunlight, being overly tired or having an eye problem. Doctors say that having a strain on your eyes for long periods of time can cause a problem with your eyes and headaches, too. Your eyes may become irritated, sore and you may find difficulty in keeping your eyes open.
  • The simple way to prevent the headaches behind both or one of your eyes caused by eyestrain is to take breaks when doing close work, drive or concentrate on a computer screen. Even after sufficient time of the break, you have eye strain; you should visit a doctor and check your eyes to make sure that vision problems are not to blame for eyestrain.

Trigeminal neuralgia

  • Trigeminal neuralgia defines as a chronic condition that causes pain on only one side of your face. The reason behind the pain is trapped or damaged one or more of the cranial nerves in your face. If nerves around your left eye are affected, then you may have sharp shooting headache above the left eye. The pain of trigeminal neuralgia can feel like tiny electric shocks around the eyes, forehead, nose, or scalp and affects one side of your face. This shooting pains on the left or right side of your face may be brief and triggered by something pressing or touching that side of your face.


  • The trauma of your left eye will appear in pain around the eye area, and trauma of your head can cause distinct types of headaches after the initial trauma healed. After head injuries, Post-traumatic headaches are common and can cause cluster headaches above left eye for days after the injury. It can affect just one side of the head and often a reason for headaches above the left eye.


  • Glaucoma is known as the degenerative condition of the eye that causes eye pain in the suspicious eye. The signs of glaucoma can come on slowly, and if not treated correctly, then it can lead to eventual blindness. Acute angle-closure glaucoma is a type of glaucoma that can cause headaches behind one or both eyes. Indications of this kind of glaucoma are blurred vision, severe headaches with pain in the eye, and radiance around lights. It is the critical reason, and if you feel a sharp headache behind your eyes along with vomiting, nausea, and vision problems, immediately visit your doctor.

Giant cell arteritis

  • Inflammation of the veins in your head and neck can cause pains around either one or both of your temples. Most of the time the pain around eyes can come on suddenly, and the area can also feel pain on even tender touch. The type of headache pain correlated with giant cell arteritis can be painful. A study shows that about two-thirds of people feel sudden pain at the front or side of their head and painkillers usually are useless or not effective for easing the pain.


  • A brain tumor can induce a chronic headache that will not go away with time, but it is possible in the infrequent case. The pain depends upon the location of a tumor, whether it is pressing on nerves or tissue, if yes then one may have a constant headache behind one of your eyes. Frequent headaches will accompany by severe symptoms like mood changes, seizures, changes in speech, problems keeping balance, a problem in hearing or vision problem.

Brain infection

  • Another rare reason that can cause a headache above left eye is a brain infection like encephalitis or meningitis. The infection causes the inflammation of the tissue enclosing the brain and lead to a critical headache, stiff neck along with vomiting, and confusion. Doctors carry an eye examination to check whether there is any swelling of the main nerve behind the eye that causes brain infection.

An aneurysm

  • It is also a rare cause of pain behind one eye. An aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel in the brain breaks open and pushes on the part of the brain. With the pain of the left or right eye, other symptoms include complete loss of vision, double vision, neck pain, ringing in the ears, a stiff neck, muscle weakness or seizures.

Headache Above Left Eye & Headache Behind Left Eye: Home Remedies

There are simple home remedies that help you to get quick relieved from a headache above left eye for days by reducing any inflammation and irritation in the head and hence help reduce the pain of a headache Above Left Eye.

Cold pack

  • A cold pack placed on the affected headache above the left eye and temple or forehead can help to reduce types of headaches. It helps to soothe the nerves and reduces blood flow to the affected part of your head that may be irritated.
  • Medical journals and studies have shown that cold therapy is very effective at reducing head pain caused by migraines especially. Cold packs that placed on the forehead or eyes helped to relieve migraine signs. With other people, cold therapy helped to increase the effectiveness of analgesics.
  • To get easily and quickly relief from any a headache above left eye and headache behind left eye, use a cold pack with the following method.
  • First, dip a washcloth in cold water and squeeze out the excess water from it. Place the cold compress washcloth on your left eye and leave for approx. 15 to 20 minutes to help reduce the pain around the eye. After some time, dip the washcloth in cold water again to keep the compress cool and to help speed up pain relief.

Use Essential Oils

  • Many essential oils have pain relieving or anti-inflammatory properties, and this property will help to get rid of this  types of headaches quickly. Some essential oils help tranquilize the nerves and hence get relief from the pain of tension headaches, stress-related sore head or migraines.
  • Especially the lavender oil is proved and very effective in relieving headache pain fastly from migraine sufferers. Even the peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil also help to produce a cooling effect on the temples and remove a headache pain.
  • You can easily make your headache remedy to relieve trigeminal neuralgia, migraines, sinus headaches and other types of headaches. What you have to do is just follow the method given below:
  • Add 10 to 12 drops of essential oil into 1 oz. (pound) of carrier oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil or sweet almond oil. (We need a carrier oil because the essential oils are potent and hence it can give you feel of burning skin). Smoothly massage our temples and the back of your neck with this freshly made essential oil mixture. Repeat the same procedure twice or thrice a day to relieve tension and ease headache pain above or behind the eye.
  • You can use other essential oils like chamomile, clove oil, basil, ginger essential oil, and frankincense.

Reduce stress to relieve headaches from behind the left eye

  • Reducing stress is a significant method to block or reduce different types of headaches. Stress is understood the cause of exertional or tension headaches in most of the people and can also increase headaches to worst if you are likely to trigeminal neuralgia and migraines.
  • In short, reducing stress can help to relieve a headache, and the best way to reduce stress is to do the work you like or go to the place which is close to nature.

Get enough sleep

  • To get enough sleep at night is another best way to get rid of a constant headache above the left eye. Sleep is essential to help your body become relax and it also necessary look after your physical health in overall. However, for those people sleep is very important who suffer from frequent migraines, cluster headaches, or other types of headaches. Good sleep patterns have been helping to reduce the recurrence of migraines and also decrease their intensity if they happen. Research shows that waking up with a migraine is due to bad sleep patterns.
  • To prevent recurring headaches, migraines first improve your sleeping habits and you can try using the natural substance like Melatonin or Inositol. You can also try them for insomnia, too.

Massage therapy to treat headaches above the left eye

  • It is another way to reduce dull throbbing headache above the left eye and temple caused by migraines, or another type of headaches is to rub your neck and temples. It will aid to relieve tension under your scalp and give immediate relief from headache pain. Massage therapy can effectively relieve chronic tension headaches and prevent them from reappearing. During a study, it found that during this therapy, the duration and intensity of tension headaches lessened significantly.

Regular Exercise:

  • Regular exercises increase the production of endorphins hormone which is also known as a natural pain reliever for the body. That’s why it is recommended to do exercise daily to get rid of this  types of headaches behind an eye.

Tea or Coffee:

  • Having some black tea or coffee is also a good way of trying to reduce the intensity of a headache behind Eye but note that it contains caffeine and excess of it can also lead to a headache like a migraine.


  • If a headache behind the eye occurs due to sinus then inhaling steam vapor is an excellent alternative to open up the sinuses and getting relieved of a headache behind an eye. Even one can use saline nasal sprays or neti-pot which if used regularly can decrease the intensity and frequency of sinusitis and help get rid of a headache above left eye for days.

Supplemental Oxygen:

  • Those who are suffering from cluster headaches, this type of treatment is effective to them to relieve a headache behind the eye. Supplemental oxygen is exceptionally useful in relieving cluster headaches and helps in getting rid of this types of headaches above the eyes.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • With the modern lifestyle our everyday lifestyle is completely disturbed and cause the development of specific situations which then create a headache behind and above the eyes. Thus it is advised to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs especially those people who have a migraine and want to get rid of this types of headaches above left eye and temple.

Eat and drink properly:

  • To reduce the risk of types of headaches, stay well hydrated and avoid smoking, alcohol, medications and processed foods that cause your hormones to fluctuate. Drink water and natural fruit juices to reduce your risk of headaches.

Eye exercises:

  • Eye exercises are an excellent option for the relaxation of tension headaches. To do it first lying on your back on a hard surface and Use your thumbs for gentle press into the back of your skull. Apply pressure with thumbs as long as you can feel comfortable. This exercise may also help to trace the area of your skull where the pain is located when you apply the pressure with your thumbs.

Other Remedies:

  • Apart from the above specific treatments, there are other alternative treatments available like massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic therapy which are very effective in a healing headache behind the eye. Using ice packs, massage and taking the counter medications like ibuprofen also helps.

Treatment Options For A Headache And Pain Behind The Eyes

If you are not able to get relieved from a headache with home remedies, then it must need to ensure there is not any serious hidden condition that is causing the pain. For that visit your doctor or an eye specialist for an eye checkup and other tests to find the reason that is causing the pain behind the eyes.

Most of the time counter pain medicines often give patients a quick relief from the pain, but if medications don’t work and the pain has become chronic, then the doctor will refer you additional tests and look for alternative treatment options.


  • Treatments include the two most commonly prescribed treatments: massage or acupuncture therapy, which helps to those with chronic headaches and cause pain above eyes.
  • Those who experience sinus headaches may get benefit from decongestion therapy or steam inhalation, which helps to split up the collected excretion.

Over-the-counter medication:

  • The counter medicines commonly come in the form of anti-inflammatory or decongestants medication. These medicines are helpful in relieving symptoms. Symptom relief. In case if your condition does not relieve by a drug, there are chances of symptoms that resulted of an underlying condition that should be looked at by a doctor right away.

Avoid certain substances:

  • Persistent headache victims know that certain substances can trigger the severity or onset of headaches. These may include foods high in nitrite, oral contraceptives, foods high in sodium, tobacco and alcohol products.

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How to Prevent Headache Above Left Eye & Headache Behind Left Eye?

There are some ways to prevent a headache that help to reduce the frequency and prevent to occur. Here are some of the ways that you can try to prevent headaches above eyes:

  • Take regular breaks and flex your shoulders and neck if you have to sit for long periods of time.
  • Avoid excessive coffee intake as this is known to trigger migraines in some people.
  • Keep yourself fit with regular exercise – try to exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.
  • Keep to a routine sleeping schedule and try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

When To See A Doctor

The maximum of types of headaches is not showing symptoms of dangerous conditions. Normally, the only serious side effect of an intense headache above left eye is the discomfort, irritation, and pain.

However, acute headaches or chronic headaches that come on suddenly and accompanied by other symptoms can be a reason for care and attention.  If you feel the following headache symptoms then without wasting time see your doctor:

  • You have a very severe headache.
  • You or other person notice changes in your speech or cognitive abilities.
  • The headache pain gets steadily worse or causes sharp stabbing when you are coughing or moving.
  • A throbbing headache accompanied by a stiff neck, slurred speech, weakness, or seizures.
  • You notice a major change in the type or pattern of a headache you experience.
  • When a severe headache interferes your daily activities, and you get headaches after a severe blow to your head.


It is all about types of headaches and its cause and treatments in this article. We hope you find it useful and informative after reading it. If you find someone that is suffering from a headache, then share this article with them and also if you find any question then ask us using the comment box given below. Share your reviews and suggestion also. We always love to hear from you. Thank you!

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